Farewell to Boston Bloghead

The time has come to say farewell to Boston Bloghead, aka Bloghead Podcast. It was a tough decision to make, but new music adventures (and life) have stripped away all the time for blogging, podcasting and the like. 

While it’s sad to see Bloghead go, I am happy to announce the launch of Ocelot Records!

Ocelot is a Boston independent record label focusing on providing New England DIY bands with personalized services to fit their goals within the music industry. We have a few bands on the roster to kick off (including my own) and look forward to working with them all. 

In the spirit of my roots, I’ve decided to push some of the information our fans know and love over to the new Ocelot Records website. Bands and fans alike can still get access to all of Bloghead’s local music related lists on our “DIY" page.

Ocelot Records will be taking over the annual Punk N Roll BBQ, and I’m excited to say that there will be an announcement about the show coming up soon! 

Old episodes of the Bloghead Podcast can still be found over at #Spreaker. Jay and I haven’t had a chance to discuss, but I suppose that we will end up tossing up a new episode every now and again, although few and far between. 

If you enjoyed following my internet antics, you can still do so by looking up my tag #RABBLES617. I have converted the Bloghead Tumblr page into a personal blog that will detail a number of things including Ocelot news, feeds from my Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and the occasional non-Ocelot local show bump entitled the “Rabble’s Rouser”.

Special thanks to everyone we’ve worked, booked shows, and promoted with over the past 4 years! I’ve gained invaluable friends, contacts, and experience within the Boston local scene and look forward to continuing work in the industry, just on the other side of the spectrum!



Picking up video equipment for Saturday’s show at The Worthen House in Lowell! #ocelotrecords

Picking up video equipment for Saturday’s show at The Worthen House in Lowell! #ocelotrecords

#paxeast2014 #hoteldrinking #cardsagainsthumanity

#paxeast2014 #hoteldrinking #cardsagainsthumanity

Apr 7

RABBLE’S ROUSER | Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Benefit

Why should you go to this show?

This one hits home for me as gastrointestinal issues have plagued most of my 31 year span on this planet. While I’m fortunate to not be affected by Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis directly, I like many Americans, suffer from some form of their brother and sister diseases. Like most Gastrointestinal diseases, Crohn’s & Colitis may currently be manageable, but are unfortunately without a cure.

That’s why you should go to shit show! Your door cover & donations will go towards searching for the cure! All proceeds from the show go to The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA), a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to finding cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and improving the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases.

You can get in by donating a $5 or more at the door ($10 suggested). Your admission not only goes to helping out the cause, but towards a night of great local music. This bill holds some great local talent including a couple newer acts to the area.

Zip-Tie Handcuffs are coming back to their O’Brien’s Pub stomping ground. These guys are also currently in the studio working on a new album! Possibility of hearing some new songs? You’ll just have to find out!

Melodic punks, The Hideout are also sharing the stage. I was fortunate to play a gig with them at Cantab recently. These guys absolutely rock and bring a so cal style to the area that is lacking in most of our local punk scene.

The Digs, I’m going to try not to be too self serving here as this is my band. We play our own style of rock-punk with some pretty diverse influences across our members. We will play rock music for you, you might sing along, we will all have fun.

Loud acoustic punker Patrick Simas will be helping to kick the night off. He puts off an energy that trumps most live performances I’ve seen over the past few years. His nitty gritty acoustic punk rock and dedication to his art form is hard to trump.

Nick Cliché of Ronald Vegan will be opening up the night. Ronald Vegan was originally set up to be one of the full bands for the evening, but the loss of their dear friend and drummer, Joshua Dale Deacon, has hit them hard. Come support Nick and the rest of the event in dedication of Josh’s memory and the cause that Ronald Vegan as a whole set out to help accomplish.

This show is being run by Ashley Tarbet and Nick Cliché. Ashley is running a Half Marathon Fundraiser for the foundation. To donate to the run, please visit http://www.active.com/donate/jamestownNE14/ashleyt

O’Brien’s Pub | $5 or more donation | Show @ 7pm | 21+ w/ ID
Facebook Event



Why should you go to this show?

There are six important reasons you should be at this Middle East (Upstairs) gig tonight, and they all RAWK! 

Small Stone Records puts on a showcase about once a year in the greater Boston arena. Why do they do this? It’s to showcase some of the top dogs on their label, along with a few who just so happen to be from our musically inclined city. This year is no different than the last. Bringing Neon Warship, Roadsaw, GOZU, Lo-Pan, Wo Fat, and Mellow Bravo to the stage, Small Stone Records has set you up with a show that will blow you away. There is a lot of independent rock and metal around here, but it’s rare that you get to snag a handful of the top dogs and put them on the same stage.

If you dig any form or rock or metal, this is the don’t miss show of 2014 for you. What’s more? Jeffrey Fultz (ex-Mellow Bravo lead guitarist) is coming back for his final show with the band. Yeah, I know we put up a post recently about his fair well show at TT’s, but he decided that this is just one he couldn’t pass up. Don’t feel duped… it was a quick decision made last minute at his last final show. 

Did I mention the showcase is sponsored by Smutty Nose?

Small Stone Records

Mellow Bravo
Wo Fat
Neon Warship

Middle East Upstairs | $10 | Show at 8pm | 18+
Facebook Event

RABBLE’S ROUSER | Double Feature

Well, this week is a little different. Mainly as I couldn’t choose just one show…hell, I couldn’t choose just 2 but I had to draw the line somewhere.


Why should you go to this show?

Do you mean aside from this killer line-up? Not only has Never Got Caught and Planetoid not been playing out a whole lot lately (obviously making it more exciting to see them now), but adding Cocked n Loaded to the bill with Deep Swell makes for a very rocking evening. I’ll support anything that members of Clutch are behind, but Tim Sult being the driving guitar of Deep Swell is only a portion of how awesome their funk-psycha-rock sound is.

Am I being biased in telling you to go to this show because Planetoid, Never Got Caught, and Cocked n Loaded are some of my favorite local rock bands? Probably… but who cares! It’s awesome to see solid local bands get to play with well known talent, especially good well known talent!

If you haven’t heard even just one of these local guys, then you need to check them out and go see this show. You will not be disappointed.

Deep Swell (ft. Tim Sult Clutch)
Cocked n Loaded 
Never Got Caught 

Great Scott | $10 | Show at 10pm | 21+

Next Up…


Why should you go to this show?

a) It’s for a good cause
b) There are raffle prizes from some pretty awesome local businesses
c) Do you see this punk line-up? Just take a look really quick…

Stray Bullets (featuring Jon C. from Have Nots) brings a harder side of punk infused with ska, as opposed to Jon’s other counterpart band which I feel does the exact reverse. Don’t let my sentence confuse you, Stray Bullets are awesome and get a lot of play value on my portable musical device.

OC45 These guys are the epitome of DIY. They book all their own events, set up all their own tours, fund everything on their own and do a savage job rocking faces off at every stage they play. Not to mention the guys are just general cool dudes. 

Jason Bennet & The Resistance brings folk inspired punk to the stage and frankly, does it better than most around our good city. I generally go for more traditional punk or ska, but I don’t generally miss the chance to see JBTR and neither should you.

The Pomps remind me of a combination of old school surf punk, raggae before it became “ska”, and alternative rock. They are a solid group and definitely worth making it out early to see.

TT The Bears | $12 | Doors @ 5:30 |18+
Benefit for First Responders Relief Fund. 

A Minor Revolution | Consexual Sense Releases on Ocelot Records

New Hampshire Punks A Minor Revolution have their 2nd release coming out on Ocelot Records this Friday! Ocelot Records is run by none other than Rabbles (Steve) at Bloghead Podcast! Check out 3 tracks before the release!

Mar 7

RABBLE’S ROUSER: Your Dad’s Punk

Well, I suppose it’s my Punk too. Not to mention that my Dad definitely doesn’t listen to punk. Furthermore, if he did I would like to think he would punch me in the face for calling an acoustic set “punk”. Anyway…

Tonight at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) and Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls) are coming together for an acoustic night with special guest local Jay Allen. The two ol’punks will be rocking the Sex-Doll Tour throughout March in various U.S. cities with their Boston stop ranking in at #5.

Why Should you go to this show?

Taking a page from a great quote directed originally to the New York Dolls, these two bands “played punk before punk had a name.” (Anderman, Boston Globe 2005). That alone should peak your interest.

Expect select tracks from Sex Pistols and New York Dolls favorites along with possibilities coming from Matlock and Sylvains other ventures including Rich Kids and Criminals, respectively. It’s been quite a few years since either of these bands have played in our home town and probably quite a few more before they do again. Not to mention that even when they do come around, the ticket prices are sky high and hard to come by.

This is your chance to check out two punk greats and founding members of both bands in the same place at a reasonable price. Shit, it’s almost like the real thing! Wait a minute, let’s not forget about Jay Allen. This guy is no joke. Anyone in the punk scene around here has heard the name. He, along with his “Arch Criminals” (although it’s not clear they are with him for this show) have been rocking this town for some time now. Hell, even one of my past bands have played with him and as I recall, his set was awesome. 

$20.00, Doors at 8:00 PM, 21+
(Only 25 tickets available at the door)

Rabbles’ Rouser : RESPECT to Jeff Fultz


Why you should go to this show…

This weeks Rabble’s Rouser pays tribute to a phenomenal guitarist. Jeffrey Fultz, currently of Mellow Bravo and formerly of countless amazing bands over the years is saying farewell to his Boston Rock home and moving on to focus on family. Jeff has been playing longer and harder and has seen and accomplished more than most musicians (let alone local musicians) can boast about in their life times. It’s only fitting that a big party be thrown for him on his way out of our local music scene.

This Saturday at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Central Sq., Jeff hits the stage one last time with Mellow Bravo and a savage bill of other local greats to say goodbye. Don’t miss out on Jeff’s last MB performance along with sets from Cocked N Loaded, Hey Zeus, Slim Lizzy, White Dynomite. Jeff is a gunslinger on the strings and I guarantee you that you will be hard pressed to see another player of his caliber this up close and personal any time soon.

Mellow Bravo on Jeff’s departure: 

So, we have some bittersweet Mellow Bravo news. After nearly 5 years, our beloved lead guitarist Jeff Fultz is moving to Boise Idaho with his lovely Wife Barbara and baby son, Bowman. Its tough to sum up what Jeff means to us but here is our best shot….Obviously Jeff is one of the most amazing guitarists in the world (yes the entire world), and has given us the priceless gift of sharing his talents with us as a band, and as a trusted friend and brother.”